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MagiixStudio is a fully managed, Service Level Agreement (SLA)-driven, design studio service that seamlessly adds low-cost, high-quality graphic design resources into the production process.

Proven, predictable source
of design

MagiixStudio is managed by publishing professionals with several years of magazine design, graphics production, pre-press, print and editorial experience.


Powerweave’s remote design studio model has been proven over the last three years while delivering complex design and artwork services including design-from-brief work with unerring accuracy for corporate, quick print and promotional merchandising customers.

Seamless workflow integration

MagiixStudio leverages the Internet and high-speed, high-reliability digital networks to receive design specifications and send back finished files directly into the MagiixServer workflow within full visibility and control of the editors.

Instant status updates and graphic alerts provide total clarity on where and at what stage of production-readiness a specific article or an entire issue is.

Fully managed service

Job pick-up and delivery is fully managed by MagiixStudio in an Internet-transparent delivery process. In effect, publishing managers do not have to manage cumber-some file uploads/ downloads. Also, local level support, training, installation, infrastructure setup and troubleshooting are completely managed by Powerweave through a combination of local and offshore support processes.

Rapid turnaround

MagiixStudio offers a 24 x 6 schedule so publishers can leverage the time zone differences to speed up production cycles. Typical turnaround times are between 12- 48 hours for the first version layouts and under 12 hours thereafter, for changes.

SLA-backed service

The uniqueness of the MagiixStudio service lies in the fact that it is backed by comprehensive service-level-agreements (SLA) and delivery standards. MagiixStudio’s high redundancy delivery infrastructure coupled with local level program management support ensure quality, consistency and timely deliveries.

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