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Single window interface

Editors, designers and production managers get a single, integrated view into the production workflow across the editorial-design processes.

Full digital workflow

MagiixServer features a rich, intuitive array of tools and functionality for typical editorial-design processes related to issue creation. The workflow maps stages such as pagination, job allocation and proofing with status reports that allow users across the system to collaborate seamlessly in a true digital workflow environment.

Multi-user, multi-title

MagiixServer provides the capability to define and set user privileges across specific titles through role-based access to the application's functionality. So multiple users across editorial, art, advertising and production functions can work in a concurrent manner and share inputs on one or several issues at the same time.

MagiixStudio integration

While MagiixServer automates the internal workflow, it also provides a seamless integration with Powerweave's MagiixStudio service in an 'Internet transparent' process. So editors and art directors can send and receive jobs to MagiixStudio without the need to get on the Internet and perform file upload/downloads.

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